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Welcome to the
Tuesday Tour at Mount Pleasant

We play Tuesdays during our season at the Mount Pleasant Golf Course.  

Season: April to October

When We Play: Every Tuesday during our season.  
                              Tee times between 2:30-3:20pm.

Annual Membership Dues: $50.00 per year                                                   

Greens/Cart Fees: $33.00 with a BMGC Player's Card or $38.00 without a BMGC Player's Card

The Tuesday Tour is an "Open" league ( Amateur and Local Professionals)
This League is open to male amateur and professional players of the MSGA, PGA members and apprentices with an up-to-date USGA index at a licensed club of 9.0 or less as of November 15, 2010.
There will be NO handicapping for the league.
All play will be played at scratch.
All play will be from the back tees.
All players must pay $12.00 a round for incidentals
All Players are responsible to pay their own Greens Fees and Cart Fees.
Players must complete 8, 18 hole rounds on Tuesdays to be eligible to compete in the Club Championship in August. NO exceptions.

All rounds will be recorded hole by hole and aggregate score by the Commissioner.

Tuesday Tour "Try it out Round"

Persons wishing to "trial" the Tuesday Tour must contact Steve Grochowski at or 410-952-2036.  The annual membership fee is not due to play a "trial" round, but the player must pay $12.00 for incidentals.  Prior to the player's 2nd round the player must pay the annual membership fee.

Golf Club Rules

All USGA rules apply to all players.

i.e. (14 Clubs in the bag). USGA Rule 4-4 Maximum of 14 Clubs
Penalty For Breach Of Rule 4-4aStroke play - Two strokes for each hole at which any breach occurred;  or b, Regardless Of Number Of Excess Clubs Carried:

Players are responsible for being familiar with Local Rules and Conditions of Competition for USGA Championships and General Conditions and Regulations for USGA.

All Clubs must be USGA approved for play clubs. 

The ball is to be played as it lies ( play in down), unless conditions warrant preferred lies. This would be announced at the first tee on the day of play.
Anyone caught violating this rule with be penalized 2 strokes for moving your ball, and not allowed to be in the skin for that hole. The first time a player has been determined to have moved his ball, will be issued a warning. A player violating this rule a second time, will be asked NOT to compete with the group in further events (i.e. BARRED from the Tuesday Tour League).
Areas where players get relief (free drop, no penalty) will be marked by the Committee and / or Golf Course Personnel or described in detail to all players and groups, prior to that days play.
All play on a hole must be completed (no Gimmies), in Skins there are times when PAR clears the hole, so Putt everything out. Only exception is after double Bogey (if you have a side bet with someone, you may need to putt this out. Clarify this with your side better prior to the round).
In Normal Tuesday Tour play a player may pickup after double Bogey (to facilitate pace of play and record 3 over par for that hole).
Each group MUST have one "Official Scorecard" with Full names and be submitted to the commissioner at the end of the round.
Players must contact the commissioner or appointed tee time guardian and ask to be placed on the playing list each week.
Players must be available for the first time at 2:30; except when approved by the commissioner for a later time.

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